Mamoni Raisam’s “Megnaliya” unveiled

Mamoni Raisam’s “Megnaliya” unveiled

On the auspicious occasion of late Mamoni Raisam Goswami'sbirthday, Hiren Gohain had released a collection of stories named"Megnaliya" at the South East Asia Ramayana Research Center in NewSarania, Chandmari on Thursday.

He added, politics had made the society critical. The people of the society are now involved with some unnecessary topics.

Moreover, a few people in today's society use to read novels or any other books. The sense of Hinduism does not seem good for today's society. It is really harmful for all. Mamoni Raisam Goswami is one of the valuable figures for Assam and its culture. If we could protect the manuscripts of the great literary figure carefully it will be surely helpful for research in further days.

In the meeting, Swapnanil Baruah said, Mamoni Raisam Goswamiwas the megastar of Assamese Literature. We should keep proper respect for thegreat fellow.

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