Mariani: Man left New Born and Wife at Railway Station

Mariani: Man left New Born and Wife at Railway Station

In asensational incident, a man allegedly left his wife and his new born baby atMariani railway station.

It may bementioned that the family was residing in a rent at Mariani but the owner ofthe house had asked them to left the house two days prior to delivery sayingthat they don't want their house to be unholy after the delivery of the baby.

In this 21stcentury also, people have a superstitious belief that after one's delivery onecannot touch anything saying that it is unholy.

The familywho has no other option left with them has moved to Mariani railway station tostay in where the woman gave birth to a baby. After the delivery, the husbandof the wife, Alauddin Ali has left his wife and the new born alone in thestation and absconded.

However,Alauddin has left his wife and the baby and absconded with another lady whohails from Silchar.

The lady hasno other option left but to stay in the railway station with the baby asneither NGO nor any people have extended helping hand to her.

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