Medicine crisis at Haflong Civil Hospital

Medicine crisis at Haflong Civil Hospital

Being one of the most cleanest Hospitals in the entire state Haflong Civil Hospital is in crisis in providing basic medicines like Paracetamol, Diclofenac etc for the last 2 months.

Most of the patients have to buy medicines from privates pharmacies due to non-availability of medicines in the Hospital.
Besides lack of medicines, the hospital has no oxygen cylinders in standby for any emergency.

Kalpana Kemprai, the Superintendent of the Civil Hospital said, "We have informed the higher authority regarding the crisis, we are indenting essentials medicine from the Hospital funds on daily basis, but the requirement is on the rise and cannot provide for every patient."

On the other hand, Dipali barman, the Joint Director of health service, said, "Earlier the medicines were purchased from councils fund at large quantities and at the same time we received a supply from NHM, at that time we never run out of supply, as we couldn't predict the numbers of patients our stock medicines were expired in large quantities. This time we didn't get fund and have to solely depend on government supply. We hope the crisis of the medicines will be meted soon, its supply is delayed because medicines are supplied from different companies and the tendering process is taking time."

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