Mizoram: 1st Solar Power Plant Commissioned

Mizoram: 1st Solar Power Plant Commissioned

Mizoram's first solar power plant has been commissioned at Tlungvel, an official said on Saturday to PTI.

In the report, the official explained that the grid connected 2 megawatt solar photovoltaic (SPV) solar power plant was opened by state Power minister R Lalzirliana on Friday.

The SPV power plant is spread over 5 acres and has 5,340 solar modules. The solar plant is expected to generate 3 million units annually and revenue of Rs 169 lakh annually.

Lalzirliana said, "Mizoram has made its entry into the solar map of the country with the commissioning of the 2 MW SPV solar plant".

It is a "milestone in the history of the state", the minister said.

The minister said that a 20 MW solar power plant and 5 MW solar power plant are being currently constructed at Vankal in Khawzawl district and near Saitual town respectively.

According to an official of state Power and Electricity department, the construction of the newly commissioned solar power plant started in August, 2018 and was completed for a trial in November this year.

The power plant was constructed with Rs 14 crore funds wholly provided by the state government, he said to PTI.

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