Mizoram Captures 3 Houses In Assam’s Karimganj, Makes Police Bunkers

Mizoram Captures 3 Houses In Assam’s Karimganj, Makes Police Bunkers

After Lailapur, Mizoram now has reportedly captured three houses in Sutbhubirband of Ratabari in Karimganj district's Assam Mizoram border and made Mizoram Police bunkers.

According to sources, Mizoram has occupied three houses of Assamese people in the border and has removed the owners.

This incident has worried the people of the border villages if they too are going to be the subject of the border violence.

As per sources, about 200 Mizo police are deployed at the border

A portion of the Rangpur Forest Beat area of Ratabari constituency in Karimganj is currently occupied by Mizo IR battalion.

 The local Assamese people living near the border have expressed their fear that after losing land, they now to lose their farm and crops to the Mizos.

Assam Police are more alert as the border traffic has deteriorated.

The incoming and outings in the disputed area have been stopped by the Government.

Sources have also said that Mizo signboard has been installed at 7 kms away from the border inside Assam by YMA.

Mizoram has used drones to monitor the border areas and with the help of microphones the YMA has been warning the Mizo people in the border to be ready for any kind of situation.

Meanwhile, information about making of roads using JCB from the Kolalian area of Mizoram towards Assam has been received.

The local Assamese people of the border area are living in terror of being attacked by Mizo civilians and Police at any moment.

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