Sherman suspended for raising NRC

Sherman suspended for raising NRC

Congress MLA Sherman Ali Ahmed has been suspended for the day as he raised the NRC issue while terming Hitesh Dev Sharma as ineligible as the NRC Coordinator in the Assam Legislative Assembly.

The Congress MLA has expressed anger over the state government forsaying Hitesh Dev Sharma as worthy for the post of coordinator of NRC.

Ahmed alleged that Sharma broke the trust of the people and thereforesaid that he is not eligible as a Coordinator.

Congress MLA stated that it is unfortunate that the assembly said "I wasted their time by terming Hitesh Dev Sharma as ineligible.

As he continued to raise the matter and obstructed the proceedings of the House, the Speaker instructed Marshall of the Speaker to take him out and announced a suspension for the day.

Later speaking to the newsmen outside the Assam Assembly, Mr Sherman Ali alleged that Mr Sharma was specifically sent to destroy four years of hard work.

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