More details about Guwahati lockdown. Find out.

More details about Guwahati lockdown. Find out.

The Commissioner of Police, Guwahati, in a press meet held on Saturday, gave certain important details about the lockdown to be implemented in the city from the midnight of Sunday. He also urged the people to follow the lockdown. Following are the takeaways from the press meet –

  • The violators of the lockdown will be handled strictly.
  • Violators of lockdown will be sent to jail after a case is filed against them.
  • People coming to Guwahati via flight or train will be given entry only upon furnishing their tickets.
  • Similarly, people will be allowed to leave for other districts after disembarking at the Guwahati airport or railway station only after they present their tickets.
  • People coming out for treatment will have to furnish details about the doctor concerned.
  • ASTC will arrange for few buses in the airport and railway station.
  • Only 10% of the banks in Guwahati will function.
  • The Bank authorities will decide as to open which branches.
  • The Bank authorities will have to issue special passes to their own employees.
  • District Administration will decide as to which of the petrol pumps are to function.
  • Gas agencies are allowed to offer home delivery services.

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