Naga peace process deadlocked

Naga peace process deadlocked

The Naga peace process hit a deadlock  with month to go to poll as  Naga Hoho and the NSF are boycotting scheduled meetings with Government of India (GoI) Interlocutor to the Indo-Naga peace talks, RN Ravi.

Along with these two amain organisation the all powrdul Naga other Association(NMA) have also boycotted , on February 26 and 27 questioning the political will and intent of the GoI in prolonging the Indo-Naga peace talks without any solution in sight.

"Despite all reservations on the Indian political leadership and the role of Bureaucracy over the sensitive and genuine cause of the Naga political issues, Naga people had confidence in the BJP leadership ever since AB Vajpayee took over the reign to bring honourable and acceptable solution to the protracted Indo-Naga political problem," reminisced Naga Hoho in press statement today.

It was supposed to over in 18 months but now it has been dragged for over 60 months, they said in a statement.

The Naga groups are angry over the BJP government and their ire has been vented on BJP General Secretary ram MAdhav for stalling the peace process.

"Naga people's memory is not very short in regards to the writings of RN Ravi in the past as IB Director and therefore the Naga Hoho refused to accept him as the new Interlocutor on behalf of GoI. However, we were convinced after meeting him in Nagaland in 2014 for the first time that RN Ravi would be sincere towards Indo-Naga political issues. In course of our series of discussion during the last five years, he stated time and again that – there is one Naga problem and so also one comprehensive political solution; the talk was in advance stage; all the points have been covered and agreed in principle," the Hoho recalled.

While the BJP has said recently that Naga solution will be finalized only after the Lok Sabha election, an "absolute contradiction" to the Prime Minister's commitment, "the BJP's Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya has been claiming every now and then that the political dialogue was in advanced stage and further said in March, 2018 that Naga political settlement will be brought within six months is a complete farce.

If this is truly the present status of political dialogues and commitment of the centre, why India is still unable to sign the Agreement?" questioned the Naga Hoho.

In view of this, the Naga Hoho boycotted the scheduled meeting with RN Ravi, convened by the Nagaland State Government, in Kohima to "show our resentment to the GoI for their insincerity and lack of political will towards solving Indo-Naga political problem."

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