Nagaland Guv Acharya on Indo-Naga Talks

Nagaland Governor PB Acharya (File Photo)
Nagaland Governor PB Acharya (File Photo)

Nagaland Governor PB Acharya, during a recent interaction with the Naga Scholars' Association (NSA), opined that the deadlock on the Indo-Naga political negotiation "should be left to the negotiators."

NSA president Dr Zuchamo Yanthan and general secretary Dr Lungthuiyang Raimei, in a release issued to the media said that the association called the attention of the Governor to crucial issues confronting Naga society across borders.

The various issues raised by NSA were- the inordinate delay of the Indo-Naga political negotiation and the stalemate of the negotiation wherein the Government of India has a crucial share of responsibility; the issue of militarisation in Naga areas in India and Indo-Myanmar borders vis-à-vis human rights violations; the issue of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill, and the prevailing corruption in Nagaland including 'alleged' backdoor appointment in recruitment of Assistant Professors.

"On the stalemate of the Indo-Naga political negotiation, the Governor opined that the matter should be left to the negotiators," the release stated, adding, "The Governor also felt that scholars and other civil society groups should be pro-active to address corrupt systems in Nagaland."

"Acharya, however, did not give out his own views on several issues like militarization, AFSPA and human rights violations in the Naga areas," the NSA release added.

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