NE militant outfits call for boycott of “Independence Day” celebration

NE militant outfits call for boycott of “Independence Day” celebration

The Co-ordination Committee (CorCom) of different militant outfits on Northeastern region including United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent) (ULFA-I) has appealed people of the region to boycott the Independence Day celebration on August 15 next.

Militant outfits including Ulfa (I) , NSCN(K) , NDFB, KLO , all the militant outfits of Manipur calls the Northeastern region as WESEA (Western South East Asia).

In a communique to media houses, the CorCom said that when sovereignty is being attacked to promote Indian empire, at the behest of the rulers who live on the spoils of an unjust war on peoples of WESEA; we resist with liberation war.

The NE militant conglomerate alleged that Indian colonial war causes insurmountable human toll. "WESEA is, today, a battlefield where thousands of Indian occupational war bastions exist. India deploys at least a million strength occupational force who are organized into various overt and covert organizations—Military, Para-military, Armed Police, Intelligence, and Fifth Columnists.

The oppressed peoples of WESEA could not enjoy respite from these criminals who enjoy impunity under Black Laws — National Security Act, Unlawful Activities", stated in the communique.

The CorCom alleged that Indian colonial rule in WESEA displays devilish policy of transplantation of millions of colonial settlers to uproot indigenous peoples of their rights and cultural identities systematically. Colonial settlers have numerically supplanted indigenous population in Tripura, metropolitan regions of Assam and other cities and urban centres such as Dimapur, Imphal, etc.

"We, the above-mentioned revolutionary organisations, therefore, are jointly calling to boycott Indian's Independence Day celebration in the region on 15 August 2018 and beseech the entire peoples of our Region to be alert and make the Boycott a complete success as was done as before, as a mark of solidarity against Indian occupation", stated in the communique

However, all the emergency services including medical, media, religious and flood relief activities should continue normally.

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