New guest of Assam Zoo sick !

New guest of Assam Zoo sick !

After twenty years, a pair of striped hyenas has been brought from the Ranchi's Bhagwan Borsa Biological Park to Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden.

But, unfortunately, the new guests of the zoo are showing signs of disease. Meanwhile, the zoo authorities have taken "bio-security measures" to prevent the disease.

"Climate change are being felt by biodiversity as is evident through the disruption of animal seasonal migrations, feeding and breeding events, alterations of habitat ranges, decreases in ecosystem functionality, interruptions of food chains, and increases in the incidence of animal parasites and diseases" – Zoo official said.

Few days ago, the Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden has got a pair of ostrich and a pair of striped hyenas.
As part of an animal exchange programme, the State Zoo has given a male black panther and three leopard cats to the Ranchi zoo.

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