NGT Discovers 24,392 Coal Mines in Jaintia Hills

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Athree-member committee of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) headed by Retd.Justice BP Kakoti expressed concern over the water of the streams and riversthat are turning acidic and also informed that there are altogether 24, 392coal mines in Jaintia Hills.

Kakotiinformed that NESAC is mapping the coal mines in East Jaintia Hills and thatthey would submit a report shortly. He also said that they have given thoseinputs relating to the identification of coal dumps and deposits.

Answering tothe queries whether 24,392 coal mines are operational, Kakoti said that it hasnot been identified as of now whether people are operating in these coal minesand the number may include abandoned mines as well.

Talking aboutthe streams and river water that turned acidic, Kakoti said that the ph levelin the water in the Rivers and streams in East Jaintia Hills is around 3 whichis not fit for human consumption. He also informed that the committee hasidentified the drainage and the rivers in East Jaintia Hills are mainlypolluted due to the water from the existing coal mines flowing into the rivers.

Kakoti alsostated that M/s Trinity Impex International who has also presented apresentation for treatment of acidic water due to coal mining has submitted aproposal for the pilot project costing around Rs. 17lakh.

He furtherinformed that the next meeting will be held on July 22 and 23 at Shillongitself.

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