NRC rejects ‘No-Show’ objections

NRC rejects ‘No-Show’ objections

The NRC authorities have decided to dispose all objectionswhere the objector are not present during the hearing process and accordinglyalmost all of 2 lakh objections are to be guillotined ex parte.

More than 2 lakh objections were filed by at the last minutes, mostly by the AASU activist and supporters. But when the hearing came none of them came forward to appear in the hearing causing great social tension and administrative hiccups.

The matter was raised before the Supreme Court who in turnasked the NRC authorities to take decision. Accordingly the  NRC authorities on May 11 directed – In caseof absence of objector, hearing to be disposed ex-parte, and not to berescheduled. The DOs (District Officers) will be required to record if theObjector was present or hearing was conducted ex-parte in absence of objector."

As per rules, both the objectors and the persons againstwhom objections were raised must be present during the hearing process onobjections.

The NRC authorities have further decided not to reveal theidentity or address of objector to anybody until further orders. Moreover, onJune 15, an additional draft National Register of Citizens will be published.

The additional draft National Register of Citizens willsegregate the names of all ineligible persons that were included in thecomplete draft NRC published on July 30, 2018. These persons will be given anopportunity to go for claims. An awareness campaign will be launched in themedia from the first part of June in this regard.

The National Register of Citizens authority has alreadyissued the necessary direction to the Deputy Commissioners and also theDistrict Registrars of Citizens Registration (DRCR), who have accordinglyinformed the respective Local Registrars of Citizens Registration (LRCR) toinitiate action.

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