NRC Should Turn into NPR: Shiladitya Dev

NRC Should Turn into NPR: Shiladitya Dev

BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) MLA Shiladitya Dev demanded that the NRC should be turnedinto a National Population Register (NPR) and that the NRC should be updatedbased on the list of NPR.

Addressing apress conference here today, Dev said, "The NRC has not been an error-free andthat it includes many foreigners and excluded the genuine Indian citizens."

Speaking about the NRC, Dev said that it should be turned into a NPR and that the NRC should be updated based on the list of NPR. He also demanded that the Adhaar should be made compulsory and it should be merged with the NPR.

He alsodemanded that the 19 lakhs people which have been left out of the NRC should beincluded in it and after inclusion of these people into the NRC, it should beturned into an NPR saying that it is only through the NPR that people will geta correct NRC. It is only after the publication of NPR, that the state will befree from foreigners, said Dev.

The BJP MLAalso criticized AASU saying that are supporting the Bangladeshi Muslim opposingthe Hindu refugees. He also alleged that the AASU has a secret understandingwith the Congress since 30-35 years.

Dev further demandedthat there should be a NIA or CBI investigation on the software used forupdation of NRC alleging that it is through the software that the foreigners'have turned into genuine citizens and genuine citizens have turned intoforeigners'.     

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