Onion price leaves people in tears


Onions are selling at around Rs. 85 to Rs. 90 in Guwahati, as faulty supply management and failed import policy by the State government, make it unlikely that prices will fall before the first half of December. In other places like Tangla, onions sold at Rs. 100-110 per kg in the last two days.

Recently, Assam Food &Civil Supply minister Phani Bhusan Choudhury had said, "Assam is a consumerState of onion and the prices of onion have been on the rise in the states thatproduce onion," adding, "Which is why the prices of onion are likely todecrease only after the first week of December."

It may be mentioned herethat Congress MLAs on Friday had staged protest against the price rise of onionand turned up at the Assembly wearing garlands of onions.

Onion prices have beenrising for two months. Prices were expected to fall from November after theCentre banned exports and imposed nationwide stock limits on traders.

But, to the disappointmentof people of the State, Assam minister Phani Bhusan Choudhury was not seendoing anything to cut down the rising prices of the kitchen staple. Instead, hewas seen supporting contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, along with hisparty colleague at New Delhi.

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