Panchyat Poll: It is Cong vs BJP vs AGP

Panchyat Poll: It is Cong vs BJP vs AGP

The Battle lines are now drawn over the much anticipated Panchyat poll of Assam and it will be Congress versus BJP versus AGP as the later two could not come to an alliance.

The BJP has decided to tactfully use AGP, despite not having alliance, to undercut anti BJP vote going to Congress way by allowing the AGP to play a crucial role in the area where Muslims votes are key.

Apparently both the parties could not come to an alliance due to the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill but on the grounds, the BJP's game was to not to allow any BJP vote going to the Congress.

"The AGP-BJP today decided to fight the upcoming Panchyat Poll separately after a desperate try by the state leadership for a joint fight but bowed down to the pressure from the district committees' announced Assam Health Minister and BJP's chief poll strategist Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma.

The Congress quickly understood that t was a ploy to keep them at a bay as an united AGP-BJ would give tremendous advantage to the Congress as the growing anti BJP mood have benefitted the Congress.

Dr Sharma also said that both the parties met and tried to fight together but could not come to final solution.

"It is a mutual decision. The Central Committee sought but can not disagree with the district committees and hence we wanted to fight alone" said Dr Sharma.

The BJP's state bosses are little nervous about its electoral prospect as there was huge negative swing against the BJP after the Citizenship Amendment Bill movement. But the district committees were confident they would do well as there were huge local ant incumbency in the panchyat level.

On the other hand, AGP's top brass also wanted to have an alliance with BJP but gave into the district committees as they are hell bent on opposing BJP.

The BJP released its candidate list today as the polling will be in two phases December 5 & 9. Generally the Panchyat Poll is fought on local issue but this time the popular anger, NRC would be reflected in the Panchyat vote in Assam.

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