Paper mill workers to block NH37

Paper mill workers to block NH37

The Unions of Cachar and Nagaon Paper mills along with Kagaskal Suraksha Manch is going to resort blockade of NH 37 at Jagiroad on September 12 after resorting 27 hours hunger strike from August 14 to August 15.

It is alleged that the government in centre and state suspended production of both Cachar and Nagaon Paper mills while both were running in full swing to extend unethical benefits to private parties in the same field as artificial crisis created in domestic market and price control mechanism has been shifted to the hands of private corporate houses.

The cascading affects imposed as 1) Two lakh people lost employment 2) Entire rural economy collapsed 3)Private parties are enhancing price of paper monopolistically 4) Imports of paper increased abnormally and paper are being imported by draining hard-earned foreign currency and as per record India imported paper at the cost of 8237 crore in accounting year 2016-17.

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