Papon’s Borgeet album teaser released

Papon’s Borgeet album teaser released

Papon today released the teaser of his upcoming Borgeet-Ghoxa project announcing this was an attempt to document the Borgeet in the purest form.

The Project has been going on for the past two years and the idea was to record the Borgeet in the purest form for the posterity.

In a bid to do that he reached out to thelast remaining exponents of the Xatriya Culture at Majuli.

"This is a compilation of devotional songs based on Raag andTaals and it promises to be a unique form of music created by Vaishnavite SaintSrimanta Sankardeva over 600 years ago," Papon said.

"It took us over two years of research and record them in a purely traditional manner and forms as a hope to archive the original form," Papon said in his teaser.

He also informed that no electronic instruments have beenused as the Borgeets have been recorded with all the original instruments.

"Since borgeets have been passed on orally generations aftergenerations, these songs have not been documented properly. There is a fear ofit being getting lost one day," he added.

Khol maestro Kusha Mahanta, renowned Sattriya exponent Jatin Goswami, and Ghanakanta Barbayan helped Papon in the project.

"We have tried our best to present the Borgeets in its rawand original form and we have not used any electronic instrument," Paponinformed.

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