Ramdev apologises on behalf of yoga instructor

Ramdev apologises on behalf of yoga instructor

Baba Ramdev  apologised over the comments made by one of  Patanjali's Yoga Instructor Sanath Barale on Assamese Saint and Scholar Srimanta Shanardeva on Monday. The Yoga Guru said that the comments made by the instructor is not acceptable and that  Barale has been expelled from Patanjali with immediate effect.

Bada Ramdev added that Srimanta Shankardev is not only a  social-religious reformer and a figure of importance in the cultural and religious history of  Assam but entire India. Patanjali respects all  the Saints and Scholars and religious figures of the country and Patanjali have been framed so that it creates a negative impression in the mind of the Assamese people, said Baba Ramdev.

He expressed his grief over the incident and said that the comments made by Barale was mere personal and does not speak on behalf of Patanjali.

Earlier, Patanjali officials on Sunday apologized on behalf of yoga instructor Satinath Barale. Barale on 28th Sept, in a yoga camp at Darang districts Duni village said that Sirmanta Shankardev isnt a saint saint and there is nothing spiritual about the Namghar's in Assam. The use of mustard oil in the Namghar of Assam is sheer stupidity.

Many organizations staged protest against the yoga preacher and Patanjali after his disgraceful comments. The organizations  also demanded Baralle and Patanjali to apologize for hurting the sentiments of the  Assam people.

A discussion a was held between Patanjali officials and Srimanta Shankardev Yuva Manch at Patanjali Yoga Training centre located at Mirza on Sunday. Patanjali officials asked an apology and promised not to hurt the sentiments of Assamese people in the future.

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