PM Modi to visit Silchar on Jan 4

PM Modi to visit Silchar on Jan 4
With only a few months left for the Lok Sabha election battle, BJP has stepped up campaigning in the state.
This afternoon, Assam BJP President Ranjit Das addressed a press conference and said that Prime Minister Modi will visit Silchar to take part in a election rally for upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
This will be Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first election rally for the Lok Sabha election in Assam.
"BJP to announce the candidates list for Dima Hasao election on January 2. Dima Hasao election will be held on January 19." Said Ranjit Das.
The president denied the latest hearsay that Ram Vilas Paswan will contest in Rajya Sabha election from Assam.
"It's totally hypothetical" –Said Das.
"If Paswan will go for Rajya Sabha, then he will definitely contest from Bihar, not from Assam" – Das added.

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