PMO Seeks Inquiry Into Assam Urea Scam

PMO Seeks Inquiry Into Assam Urea Scam

The PrimeMinister's Office (PMO) has instructed Assam Chief Secretary to investigateinto the urea fertilizer scam based on the letter sent to the PMO by a stateurea farmer.

A farmer from Dhekiajuli, Nripati Chakladar had written to the PMO on June 29 alleging urea fertilizer scam that is happening in the state. The centre has announced subsidy on urea fertilizer to the farmers but it seems that the farmers instead of getting subsidy have to buy the urea fertilizers in double the price in each bag.

Alleging the high price of fertilizers, Chakladar had written to the PMO seeking investigation into the matter. Moreover, the farmer has also alleged that the soaring price of fertilizers has also become a threat for national security.  

Chakladar, while speaking to reporters said that a 45 kg bag of fertilizer costs at Rs. 266.50 but it is sold at Rs. 420/450 in Dhekiajuli and other parts of the state.

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