Police stations turn dumping ground

Police stations turn dumping ground

Complexes and premises of all the police stations under Kamrup Metropolitan district have become dumping grounds for the vehicles seized on different grounds.

As the Police department has no specified dumping ground, the traffic police had also been dumping seized vehicles without fitness and other valid papers on limited spaces at the premises of different police stations.

Sources said hundreds of seized vehicles are dumped on the police station premises due to a shortage of permanent spaces. While visiting some police stations, our correspondent found a large number of seized cars, buses, auto-rickshaws and motorbikes dumped there. These vehicles have been kept as evidence until the disposal of the cases.

Some of the seized vehicles, even after the disposal of respective cases, are lying there for many years because the police administration had taken very little effort to move away or relocate the corroded vehicles.

Apart from taking away a good portion of the parking space, the vehicles are becoming a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes with rainwater getting stagnated inside the body as well as on the deflated/damaged tyres.

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