Police yet to act against its honey trapping racket!

Police yet to act against its honey trapping racket!

Several hours have passed since the honey-trapping incident in Ambari area of Guwahati came to light, but the police have not yet been able to arrest the accused of the incident. Interestingly, the police have not yet registered any case regarding the incident.

Though CCTV footages of Guwahati Press Club have clearly showed the involvement of a Sub-Inspector of Latasil Police Station and few other police officials with the entire episode, the City Police have not taken any departmental or other kind of probe against those accused officials.


In the footage it was clearly seen that two boys andthree girls and a lady got down from a vehicle. The girls and the boys enteredVastra Bhawan- the guesthouse of Directorate of Handloom and Textile, situatedadjacent to the Guwahati Press Club. As soon as they entered the guesthouse,the lady (assumed to be the chief of the honey-trapping gang) was seen making acall to someone. After the call was made, a police-patrolling vehicle arrivedon the spot. Policemen from the vehicle entered Vastra Bhawan and brought theboys and the girls out from the guesthouse premises.

Later it was seen that the policemen freed the boys after some 'secret' discussions. It is assumed that the policemen in this 'secret' discussion discussed the ransom amount for the boys to go free. Eyewitnesses informed that even though five people were brought out from the guesthouse premises, only the boys were taken up for questioning and the girls and the lady were let to go without any cross-questions.

Questions have been raised if a sex-cum-honey-trapping racket is running under the support of Latasil PS as the City police have not taken any action against the accused.

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