‘Rapido’ launches bike taxi service in Guwahati

‘Rapido’ launches bike taxi service in Guwahati

Bengaluru-based Rapido launched of their bike taxi services and operations in Guwahati. The Rapido, App providing bike taxis is your swiftest, cost-effective and secure mode to travel within the city and traverse long distances in no time.

Rapido's pricing is transparent and price charts are mentioned both online and on the app, it charges Rs. 3 per KM. People can also simultaneously calculate fare with the aid of the fare calculator on the app.

The main aim of Rapido is to provide economical, cost-effective, fuel-efficient and time-saving transport.

The App has reached a milestone of 10 lakh+ downloads and has also garnered 4.4 star app rating and 100% app bookings.

Rapido is brought to you by a bunch of IITians whose motive is to make daily local commute easier. It aims at solving the mounting intracity traffic predicaments.

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