Rare International Procedure Done At Guwahati Hospital

Rare International Procedure Done At Guwahati Hospital
Swagat Superspeciality hospital gracefully bid adieu to year 2021 with performance of a rare procedure that avoids surgery for removal of spleen.

Swagat Superspeciality hospital, which boasts of many firsts in the region, could pull up this feat, namely splenic artery embolisation in arguably the most advanced and dedicate Interventional radiology and cath lab of the region. Splenic arterial embolisation was done with a needle puncture over a leg artery and blockage of the splenic artery was done under X-ray guidance in cath lab and monitored by Prof. Subhash Khanna and Dr. Areendam Barua.

This was done as an emergency procedure to contain the ongoing bleeding from a ruptured spleen following an accident on a young boy hailing from Nowgaon. The patient was initially managed conservatively at a peripheral center and was rushed to Swagat Superspeciality hospital when the patient had re-bleeding.

This facility is available in only a few centers across India. This is a game changer for splenic trauma patients, in whom most of the patients undergo removal of spleen and have to face subsequent complications associated with it like increased risk of certain infections, especially pneumonia.

The recent years have seen a steady rise of road traffic accidents and Swagat trauma centre has equipped itself with most  advanced facilities with all the associated surgical, intervention radiology and critical care departments.

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