READ | Things to do while social distancing

READ | Things to do while social distancing

As the coronaviruspandemic continues to spread, many people are finding themselves in quarantinein order to most effectively practice "social distancing."

Now may be the time tofinally dig into that epic novel you've had on your shelf forever, revisit anold favorite or try something out of your reading comfort zone.

Here are some quarantine-friendly activities to make yourdowntime better.

Keep your kids entertained, learning

This won't keep kids entertained, but it will make learning from home all the easier. Set up a designated homework/schoolwork area. Whether it's a desk or a specific place at the kitchen table, having a workspace can really help kids focus.

Stream a movie early

Movie studios who were banking on playing their films on the big screen are now releasing them early to streaming devices.

See a concert

A lot of artists are holding Livestream and virtual concerts.

Go on a safari

Zoos are putting up their animal cameras. The Cincinnati Zoo has a "Home Safari Facebook Live"

Read a book

Psychology Today suggests reading five books you have always wanted to read but never had the time.

Call someone

Don't let social distancing keep you from interacting. Psychology Today says call someone, text them, use Videocall.

Write, journal

The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people saying we're living in an unprecedented time. Write about it. Or if you always wanted to write a book, start writing, Psychology Today suggested.

Listen to podcasts

Find your favorite topic and listen to a podcast on it, The New York Times suggested.


People will fill their days by cooking and baking with their families when they can't find what they want in a store.

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