Roha Woman Sets Example With Her Own Business to Earn Livelihood

Roha Woman Sets Example With Her Own Business to Earn Livelihood

A woman from Roha has set an example by setting up a restaurant over a pond from which she is earning her bread and butter during this crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. The woman, Malati Hazarika of Kohiguri in Roha has faced challenges during the pandemic for her livelihood when she chooses to set up the restaurant which sets an example for others.

For the sake of livelihood, Hazarika chose to struggle in life with her restaurant and fishing. She used to cultivate fish and duck in her pond in Roha situated at Nagaon-Marigaon connecting road and later she opened a restaurant 'Maa' five months ago to increase her earning.

The beautifully designed restaurant attracted large numbers of customers who travel to Nagaon and Morigaon. The restaurant served local foods and also has a boat ride which is another way to attract the customers as people now-a-days wants some relaxation amid the mechanical life that they are living and this is one of the most relaxing places one can visit in affordable budget.

Malati Hazarika has not only chosen her way of livelihood but also provides job to another five people who work in the restaurant. She has now become an example for others.

She shows how one can choose their livelihood by starting their own business with a minimum amount.

Many youths have lost their jobs during the pandemic and are now in dilemma as to how they earn their livelihood and Malati Hazarika has shown the path of livelihood that it is not only job through which one can earn their bread and butter these are some ways which one can choose for their livelihood.

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