Rs 45 crore Ladu-Pitha market at Guwahati

Rs 45 crore Ladu-Pitha market at Guwahati

Guwahati has witnessed a phenomenal growth of Ladu-Pitha market in the run up to Magh Bihu and according to a conservative estimate of the Kamrup –Metro administration; it has crossed Rs 45 crore this year.

This highly unorganized sector, involving more than 25,000 traders only in Guwahati have been a welcome step as increasingly Bihu fair have been organized in and around the city.

As on today, the GMC authorities have conformed that more 16 such fairs were going on besides thousands of road side kiosk selling ladu-pitha and all kind of indigenous delicacies.

Journalist turned Entrepreneur Manoram Gogoi, who had launched Tholgiri (Indigenous) brand said that he had not been able to meet the huge demand despite months of panning.

His unique shop cum adda centre at Lataseel have become a hub of Bihu activities.


"Increasingly the Assamese people are going organic and looking for indigenous delicacies. As the city environment do not allow authentic access to a village market, hence the entire village market have come to the city in these two days' said Manorama Barua, an organizer of Bihu fair.

There are some distinct trading routes. The milk products generally come from Kamrup and Barpeta district while Rice products are coming from Sibsagar, Jorhat and Golaghat district, said Bonya Barua, another entrepreneur.

The most popular item of her fair is Black Rice, as increasingly Guwahatians are embracing this new type of rice, said food commentator Durba Shyam.

"If you calculate the fish, mutton and chicken, the Guwahati Bihu market will cross Rs 175 crores in these four days" said Bibek Baishya, a trader of Uzanbazar.

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