Record Rs 50,000 a kg tea in GTAC

Record Rs 50,000 a kg tea in GTAC

The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) on the morning of July 30 broke all previous record and made history when a kilogram of "Gold tea' produced by Manohari tea estate was picked up by Rs 50,000 kilogram.

In a time when the whole industry is down and in deep red, this is welcome news and vindication that good tea still commands a good price.

Two kilograms of Gold tea was bought by Sourabh tea traders Pvt ltd.  The "GOLD TEA" from Manohari is made with the finest Tea Clones and is very delicate.

This hand-plucked Gold Tea which broke all records of all times in the Year 2018, is rich in aroma and is regarded as the world's finest tea. The subtle taste may only be appreciated with an experienced palate, and we encourage tea lovers to initiate themselves to a rare GEM.

It is a proud moment for the Tea Industry as Guwahati Tea Auction has yet again created History as a line of Manohari Gold Tea was knocked down under Pan India Auction system at Rs. 50000/. This is the highest price any tea has fetched in any auction centre all over the world.

The phenomenon price speaks that quality has no end and tea lovers are ready to pay any price for such innovative and boutique quality tea.

The secretary of Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers Association Mr. Dinesh Bihani said that "This is a proud moment for Guwahati Tea Auction Centre. The Auction Centre is giving such a platform where specialty tea makes new records and more demands are seen across India. This will encourage other quality tea producers to make good quality specialty tea and send it to Guwahati Tea Auction Centre which is now a hub for specialty tea."

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