Rs 521 Cr For Flood-hit Assam

Rs 521 Cr For Flood-hit Assam

The BJP-led Assam government has sanctioned Rs 521 crore for immediate restoration for flood-hit areas in the state.

Finance Minister HimantaBiswa Sarma on Wednesday said assembly that Rs 521 crore in the total of Rs7580.51 crore of supplementary demands for grants for this financial year hasbeen allotted for flood damage repair works.

It is for the first time that flood damage repair works will be carried out from the SODP (State Own Priority Development) funds. The government will have to spend Rs 1.5 crore per km of an embankment. These works will be first time carried out under SOPD, Sarma told.

He said Rs 200 crore is being allotted to the Water Resources Department (WRD), while another Rs 300 crore will be made available by the year-end.

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