Shaan denies reports of stone pelting during Guwahati concert

Shaan denies reports of stone pelting during Guwahati concert

Amid reports of misbehaving and stones being pelted at Bollywood singer Shaan on October 28 at a concert in Guwahati, the singer has denied the report which created a massive controversy in the State and received a communal twist to the whole incident.

At a time when whole of Assam is battling the forceful implementation of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and providing citizenship to minorities of India's neighbouring countries, the whole scenario was given a communal colour as various regional and national media covered it as an incident that took place on the ground of communal and language differences.

Media houses across the nation claimed that Shaan was attacked with stones for singing a Bengali song and walked off the stage, at a time when Assamese and Bengali people are at loggerheads, unfortunately, owing to government's continuous efforts to provide citizenship to Bengali speaking Hindu Bangladeshis in Assam.

However, the singer has now clarified the air surrounding the incident and said no stones were pelted but was a single man who heckled him while performing on stage.

  In a series of tweets, Shaan wrote, "Complete lies!!! One Paper ticket folded up was thrown on stage by One Person after vigorously gesturing and shouting to stop singing.. That's all … please stop these wild speculations and lies".

Following the disruption, Shaan could be heard saying on stage that "Whoever you are, never throw these things at an artiste… Learn to respect the performer… If you don't like it then go away." He also said that he is performing despite having high fever and he will leave the concert midway if the people don't behave. 

Praising Assam and expressing his gratitude for the state, the singer wrote, "Just for the records …loved my Assam Tour!! Saw the most fascinating sights…made new friends.. had huge turnouts at every concert. Over one unfortunate incident, it would be very wrong to Tarnish this Beautiful State!!! Whatever happened was in the heat of the moment".

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