Who is Santanu Hazarika, Shruti Hassan’s boyfriend’?

Who is Santanu Hazarika, Shruti Hassan’s boyfriend’?

Who is Shantanu Hazarika, the rumoured boyfriend of Shruti Hassan, Kamal Hassan's eldest daughter from Sarika?

Whole of South India is abuzz with this Guwahati lad as Shurti is one of the hottest girl down south.

The media in down south have gone crazy to find out who is this Shantanu Hazarika and that too all the way from Assam?

Shanatu is an engineering drop out doodle artist Santanu Hazarika who have become big in the digital world and went on to burn lot of fire of envy by becoming the boyfriend of Shruti.

Meanwhile today, Shruti Haasan shared pictures with 'daddy dearest' Kamal Haasan and rumoured boyfriend Shantanu Hazarika and it went viral in no time.

They made headlines after the first picture of the rumored couple surfaced on social media while celebrating the actress's birthday on January 28. Since then, curiosity about Santanu's life and work has been a discussion for paparazzi.

Santanu who originally hails from Guwahati, Assam is currently based in Mumbai. Hazarika has shared many features and artworks based on Shruti. On her birthday, Santanu shared a picture of them celebrating Shruti's birthday, together. After the picture was shared, fans speculated that the artists are dating.

Santanu shares his work on his Instagram handle which has more than 30K followers as of now.

Santanu enrolled in an engineering course but after sometime, he decided to quit. Thereafter, Santanu took part in World Doodle Art Championship in 2014 and emerged as a winner.

 Santanu has helped many artists especially musicians with their album artwork. He even worked with rappers and hip-hop stars like Raftaar and Divine. He is now working on a project in association with musician, Ritviz. He is also the founder of Guwahati Art Project.

Santanu confessed to a news website that he met Shruti because of art. They share a strong connection and bond well over music and art.

While in an interview taken by Entertainment Times, Shantanu said, "While my art is what I have always been known for, my calling was a beautiful accident, to be honest. I grew up in Guwahati, Assam. As a kid, I was never exposed to art and design; the only thing that came close enough was those art classes we had in our school. One thing that really separated me from the other kids was that I hated sports. While my friends would be running around, playing cricket and basketball, I would be reading comic books in the woods. There was no internet then either. Comic books were my first introduction to art. As I grew older, I started copying the characters and started selling my drawings for canteen money. As I was surrounded by nature all the time, organic patterns were imprinted on my mind. Little did I realise that it would impact my art so much later on. I was a straight a student and later on, I stopped drawing for the sake of my studies and took up science".

Both Shruti and Santanu made no confirmation regarding their relationship. But the fans are excited anyway.

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