Social Media update stirs clashes in Doomdooma

Social Media update stirs clashes in Doomdooma

There have been several debates over the pros and cons of social media use, well; Friday's situation in Tinsukia's Doomdooma definitely depicted the cons more than the pros.

A social media update stirred clashes between two groups after a youth belonging to one group posted an update in Facebook allegedly belittling the other group.

Few members of both the groups blocked the National Highway 37 in Longsuwal while damaging more than 10 vehicles during the tensed situation.

Seeing the circumstances slipping out of control the police resorted to lathi charge, tear gas and blank firing to bring the situation under control.

Tinsukia District Administration has imposed Section 144 in Doomdooma, Borhapjan and Longsuwal after clashes erupted between the groups.

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