Syndicate raj reason behind soaring vegetable prices

Syndicate raj reason behind soaring vegetable prices

Cost of living in Guwahati seems to increase with each passing day.  Be it prices of fuel or vegetables, the soaring prices have raised concerns among the city dwellers. Well, these increasing vegetable prices is due to the 'in-between' hands that make the prices double the original.

It is quite shocking that sellers in Kharupetia are selling cauliflower at the price of Rs 7-8 whereas in Guwahati the price of one cauliflower is Rs 40-50. Simultaneously, Rs 12-13 priced cucumber are selling at a price of Rs 40-42 and Rs 13-15 cabbage are selling at Rs 40-45 in the city.

According to reports, there is a syndicate raj lurking at the Gorchuk wholesale vegetable market, under farmer trade council, which has led to soaring vegetable prices that the people are forced to pay.

Reportedly, the absence of control measures has lent brokers the advantage of increasing the prices for their benefit at their will.

On one hand, the farmers are not getting the sufficient amount of price for the farming products and on the other hand, the people of Guwahati on the receiving end are also paying a huge amount for vegetables with only the brokers having the last laugh.

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