Term’High Madrasa’ Will Be Removed: HBS | Press Meet | Highlights

Term’High Madrasa’ Will Be Removed: HBS | Press Meet | Highlights

Assam education, finance, and health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday said the term 'High Madrasa' will be dropped from the madrassa and a general education system will be adopted instead across the state.

Key Highlights

The minister said:

  1. So far in Assam, there are 189 High Madrassa schools and the State Education Board of Assam (SEBA) would not conduct any 'high madrassa' examinations for these schools from 2022 onwards.
  2. There are 542 madrassas and 97 Sanskrit Tols are there in Assam.
  3. The minister explained the difference between the general education system such as collegiate school and madrassa school i.e. an additional course on the Quran for 50 marks is taught in madrassa school.
  4. Therefore, the 50 marks paper on religious education i.e. teachings on the Quran will be discarded and the word 'High Madrassa' will be removed.
  5. The schools will be incorporated into the general education system such as a regular collegiate school.
  6. Only 10 percent of the course curriculum which comprised of religious education will be removed. On its elimination, these schools will become 'secular' in nature.
  7. Theological courses will be closed from 2021. However, the teachers will be trained to impart knowledge in general education schools.
  8. Academic activities will be looked after by the education council and SEBA.
  9. The administration will be headed by the Directorate of Secondary Education.
  10. Sanskrit Tols will be reformed as well to study centres. Kumar Bhaskar Verma University will be providing a degree and diploma in Indian history and culture under Sanskrit and Ancient Studies.
  11. The previous examinations will be cancelled.
  12. Sanskrit education boards will be eliminated as well.
  13. Tol education will be removed, however, Indian history and culture will be taught instead to the students of the Tols.
  14. However, existing students will appear for their final examinations under the existing system.

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