Tiger Population In Manas Increases To 46 From 30 Last Year

Tiger Population In Manas Increases To 46 From 30 Last Year

Amid the current pandemic situation, tiger population at Manas National Park in Assam has increased to 46 in 2021 since last 30 years.

According to a PTI report, in 2010, there were only 10 tigers in Manas but by 2021, 46 big cats were spotted, Park Director Amal Chandra Sarma said on Sunday.

"A rise of 16 tigers, which is over 50 per cent, in a year is indeed a remarkable achievement and the increased sightings indicate that conservation efforts are working in the park," he was quoted as saying in PTI.


Among the 46 Royal Bengal Tigers, 19 are adult females, 16 male adults, three sub-adults and seven cubs, he added.

Enlisted in the "World Heritage Site in Danger List" in 1992, Manas was recognised as a heritage status in 2011.

"It is heartening to note that four tigers were sighted outside the core in the 350 sq km First Addition area for the first time," Sarma said to the agency.

The population of other animals like the Bengal Florican increased to 74 this year from 60 in 2014, while 129 swamp deers were recorded against 99 last year, the report stated.

"During the 2019-20 census, there were 28 leopards and seven black panthers in the park and their populations were also expected to increase this year," the report added.

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