Tiwa Council Elections On Dec 17

Tiwa Council Elections On Dec 17

The Tiwa Autonomous Council Election in Kamrup Metropolitan district would be conducted from December 17, 2020.

An expected 78,180 voters would be exercising their franchise across six constituencies of the district – Digmoria, Digaru, Khetri, Sonapur, Ampri and Phong Ari.

The polling would start at 7.30 am and would last upto 4.30 pm. The re-polls (if any) would be conducted on December 18 and the counting would be done on December 19 from 8 am onwards.

A total of 100 polling stations have been allocated.

The Sonapur constituency has the highest number of voters with 17304. Female voters are higher across all the constituencies.

The last date of filing nominations for the candidature is November 25 and the publication of the list of contesting candidates would be announced on November 28.

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