Traffic Guidelines For Tarun Gogoi’s Funeral Procession

Traffic Guidelines For Tarun Gogoi’s Funeral Procession

For smooth functioning of traffic movement in Guwahati on November 26 (Wednesday) during the funeral procession of former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi from Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra in Panjabari to Silpukhuri's Navagraha Samshan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police has addressed the media on Wednesday evening on the traffic guidelines that is required to be followed.

The funeral process will begin after 9 AM, finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

Funeral Procession:

  • The rally will first start from Kalakshetra to the former CM's residence.
  • Following this, Mr. Gogoi's mortal remains will be taken to the Rukminigaon Church.
  • After completion of a prayer service at the church, the procession will be held from under the Ganeshguri Bridge towards Zoo Road.
  • Mr. Gogoi's body will be taken to the Zoo Road Namghar and then the funeral procession will continue on Chandmari and GNB road.
  • The procession will then proceed for prayers at the Burra Masjid in Ambari.
  • The next stop would be Shukleshwar Temple via MG Road and then visit Ugratara Temple in Uzan Bazar and lastly take his mortal remains to Navagraha Shamshan.

The traffic movement guidelines:

  • The Byelane from Chenikuthi from Latasil side emerges infront of Kali Mandir will be blocked.
  • The road from Nabagraha Mandir that comes towards cemetery will be blocked.
  • Road blockade incoming from Chandmari P.S. side at Bhupen Hazarika House point – only outgoing allowed from Nabagraha side.
  • Block from GNB road side the Karnachal road Byelane – only outgoing from Nabagraha side (adjacent to Kali Mandir).
  • Regulate traffic at TC point – try to divert vehicles from Lamb road side towards Dr.B.Borooah Road.
  • Regulate traffic at Chandmari point – divert vehicles coming from Noonmati side towards Zoo road side.
  • Enforcement of strict no parking on the following roads:
  • GNB road – from Guwahati club upto Tribune off- (both side).
  • Nabagraha road – from Silpukhuri up to beyond cemetery.
  • Karnashal road – from Nabagraha road turning up to Bhupen Hazarika house point.

Parking at:

  • Engineering Field, Chandmari
  • All pilot/escort vehicles of protected persons coming to the funeral will be cut at the Silpukhuri-Nabagraha road junction and they should proceed to the AEI field, Chandmari for parking, or to the Guwahati Club Rotary.
  • Persons coming to attend the funeral will have to park their vehicles at the AEI field, Chandmari, and then proceed to the Crematorium.

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