Use Space Data For Developing NE: ISRO Chief

Use Space Data For Developing NE: ISRO Chief

During the 69th plenary session of the North Eastern Council (NEC) held in Shillong on Saturday, ISRO Chairman Dr K. Sivan laid stress on Northeastern states to use space data for development and addressing various challenges.

"Space data has the potential to revolutionise how we understand a wide array of industries and environmental phenomena. In agriculture, farmers can make use of satellite data to better understand what factors influence the growth of crops – weather patterns, exposure to sunlight, air quality or pest activity. Space data can also be used to monitor flooding or sinkholes and, with access to historical data, help to predict future areas that may be at risk," Dr Sivan said.

Dr. Sivan said that ISRO and NESAC in coordination with governments of the region can use space data effectively considering it to be a difficult terrain.

The ISRO chairman also said that Chandrayan 3 will be launched this year.

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