Water Bomb crisis over, water reduces

Water Bomb crisis over, water reduces

The Water bomb crisis over river Siang in Arunachal Pradesh is over as the river peaked both at Passighat and subsided without crossing the danger level.

The Central Water Commission (CWC) authorities had been monitoring round the clock and said that dam breached water from China entered India at Tuting midnight, rose water up to seven metere but fell sharply by morning and similarly the water could be seen rising at Passighat by 1100 hours and fell sharply after that.

Since Passighat is not crossing Warning Level, Chances of Dibrugarh in Dibrugarh district of Assam  crossing Danger Level is ruled out. River Brahmaputra at Dibrugarh may also come close to or just cross warning level only, said  CWC. So crisis is effectively over.

The army , air force and civil administration made huge arrangement for any eventuality and more than 2000 first responders were ready drawing from NDRF, IAF and Army besides of District Administration.

But luckily the Barrier dam slowly gave away giving the river Tsangpo and later Siang enough time to absorb that.

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