Who are Jahnabi Saikia and Pranamoy Rajguru?

Who are Jahnabi Saikia and Pranamoy Rajguru?

Ateam of Assam police on Thursday carried out search operation at a house inNamghar path of Panjabari in the city following the blast near Guwahati Centralshopping mall in Zoo Road on Wednesday evening.

Accordingto reports, the team of Police is currently questioning a woman identified asJahnabi Saikia Das, who lives in the house, for her suspected involvement inthe blast. Police recovered a 9MM pistol, 35 rounds of live bullets, 40kgs of explosivematerials from her house.

Jahnabi has been living in the house as a tenant from last 10 days. She hails from Amulapatti area in Sivasagar district. The police have said that Jahnabi was in a close link with a 'self-proclaimed' pro-talk ULFA member. The ULFA member is said to be Pranamoy Rajguru. However, ULFA sources denied Pranamoy to be involved with their organisation and termed him as a 'fake-ULFA'. But they also claimed that Pranamoy has a close link to pro-talk ULFA leader Mrinal Hazarika.

Meanwhile,the police sources also said that as per Jahnabi, the arms and bulletsrecovered from her house belonged to Pranamay Rajguru.

Notably, Pranamay was arrested by the Sivasagar police 48 hours prior to the incident of blast and based on his statements; the team of police conducted the search operation on Jahnabi's house to recovered those arms and ammunitions.

Although, police have not yet claimed that the items recovered from Jahnabi's house have any links to the blast that rocked the City on Wednesday evening injuring 12 people.

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