“Will Refrain From Contesting If Necessary”: Akhil Gogoi

“Will Refrain From Contesting If Necessary”: Akhil Gogoi

Peasant leader and Raijor Dal chief Akhil Gogoi, through a letter written in jail, informed that he would refrain from contesting in the upcoming polls if necessary.

In the letter, he also urged opposition parties to field common candidates against the ruling BJP. He further made it clear that the purpose is to defeat the BJP which he terms as a "communal and fascist party".

Letter by Akhil Gogoi

The "open letter" addressed to the "leaderships of the opposition political parties of Assam" is in Assamese and unsigned. Only the initial part of the letter was available.

The peasant leader urged the opposition leaders and its allies to contest the polls in unity to oust the BJP from Assam.

Gogoi said he made all efforts to realize the purpose of having united opposition candidates against the BJP but was not achieved.

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