Witch hunting: Old couple killed, 7 including son detained

Witch hunting: Old couple killed, 7 including son detained

In yet another incident of alleged witch hunting, an old couple were brutally killed at Runikhata in Chirang district on suspicion of practicing witchcraft. The victims were identified as Liku Sutradhar and Leteru Sutradhar, who were allegedly killed and then buried them in the ground.

Meanwhile, police on Thursday recovered their bodies and detained seven in connection with the incident. Shockingly, the detainees also include the son of the couple.

Witchcraft is a barbaric act of superstition. For many years, it has been a part of the customs, especially recognized in remote rural areas. In actual fact witch hunting is rampant and the rate of witchcraft killing is alarmingly high among some communities.

The National Crime Record Bureau data revealed that more than two thousand and five hundred people were suspected of practicing witchcraft and have been killed in India over the last fifteen years.

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