Xatradhikar leads Church demolition at Majuli

Xatradhikar leads Church demolition at Majuli

Dakhinpath Ashrami Xatradhikar Jandardan Dev Goswami yesterday led an attempt to demolish a church at Majuli vowing never to allow any Church or Masjid in the Island. The church was partially damaged triggering a police case.

The Majuli is the seat of the Neo Vaishnavite Movement led by Sriamnta Shankardeva having 22 Xatras. Incidentally Majuli is also the Home Constituency of Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal.

The incident occurred when hundreds of supporter of Hindu Jagaran Manch and Bajrang Dal led by Xatradhikar Janadarn Dev Goswami descended on Phuloni Gaon of Majuli island.

The village has a temporary church in the residential campus of Prashanta Payang. The Xatradhikar was accompanied by the supporters of Bajrang Dal and Hindu Jagaran manch in 20 SUvs and motor cycle.

The Xatradhikar urged the Mishing community people, who had converted themselves to Christianity, to relinquish Christianity and embrace Vaishnavite Hinduism.

The Mishings are tribals living in the Majuli island since time immemorial and they have been largely neglected by the Upper Caste Assamese who belongs to the Xatras of the island.

Speaking to Pratidin Time, The Xatradhikar Goswami said, " knowing Majuli as the seat of Vaishnavite movement, there have been a concerted attempt by the Christian and Muslims to invade using all means. This will never be allowed and no church shall be allowed to be constructed. This is the beginning of our Vijay Xatra against all this effort."

A small section of Mishing people, unable to digest continuous neglect, have embraced Christianity and the temporary church was run from the houses of Prashanta Pyang.

That had not gone down well with a section of the hardcore Hindu elements of the Majuli Island, which is represented by Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal.

The supporters of Bajrang Dal alleged that the Church was constructed on a government land, while eye witness sais that it was within the premises of Prashant Payeng, who also filed a FIR in the Jengraimukh Police Station.

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