Zubeen Garg and his controversies

Zubeen Garg and his controversies

Recently, Assam singer Zubeen Garg once again hit the headlines with a fresh controversy after he said, "Brahmins should be killed." Following his remarks, almost half a dozen police cases have been filed in various police stations of Assam by several Brahmin groups demanding apology and punishment for the singer.

It's like Zubeen wants to enter into controversy one after another and it seems that the singer has a never-ending list of controversies. Let's have a look at some of his prominent controversies:

Insulting Bharat Ratna:

In anaudio clip, the singer used abusive words while referring to the country'shighest civilian award. The clip began doing the rounds on social media afterthe Bharat Ratna was announced for Bhupen Hazarika. Two police complaints werelodged against Zubeen for allegedly making derogatory remarks about BharatRatna.

Disrespecting National Flag:

In2015, Zubeen hoisted the National Flag wearing half pants. He even did not singthe National Anthem, instead crooned a song inappropriate for the occasion athis residence on August 15.

AnFIR has been filed against Zubeen for allegedly showing disrespect to theNational Flag on Independence Day. Police registered the FIR under case number502/15 (containing defamatory matter).

Mur Minoti controversy:

Zubeen's 2014 album 'Mur Minoti' remained unreleased due to copyright issues. He did not take any consent from Jayanta Hazarika's family, the original singer of the song 'Mur Minoti' and the original music company Saregama while recording the album. Hazarika's wife, singer Manisha Hazarika decided to move court against violation of copyright. However, Zubeen has confessed to make a 'technical' mistake by not consulting Manisha Hazarika about the album, Manisha said that but all roads are closed for Zubeen to approach her as he did not take consent ahead of recording the album.

Minor slapping case:

In a major setback, Zubeen Garg was slapped with a fine of Rs 5,000 and was sentenced three months rigorous imprisonment in 2017 in an assault case. He was held guilty by the court for slapping a minor boy. In 2013 he had allegedly slapped the son of advocate Arup Borbora, for smoking in public. Borbora had lodged an FIR with the police following the incident. A day later Borbora again filed another FIR complaining that the singer had revealed the name of the victim in some local TV news channels, which is against the law that protects the rights of the child.

Majulir Ejoni Suali:

ZubeenGarg's programme was cancelled at the Sipajhar conference of Assam SahityaSabha in 2005, after he allegedly disrespected girls from Majuli area throughhis song 'Majulir Ejoni Suali' in his 'Jantra' album.

ULFA and Zubeen:

Eventhe anti-talk faction of ULFA dictated Zubeen not to sing Hindi song duringBihu functions, the singer repeatedly ignored it and continued to sing famousBollywood numbers. He even drew threat from the militant organisation. TheAssam government had provided security to Garg following the threat from ULFA.

Zubeen and Noonmati Bihu committee:

Zubeen had quit a bihu stage in Noonmati area in 2017, after the organisers stopped him from singing a Hindi number. He announced through the microphone that an artist had the right to sing according to his choice. But the organisers, however, claimed that the singer had agreed beforehand not to sing Hindi songs.

Jatiyo Sangeet:

Zubeen in 2015 claimed that his song 'Sonere Sojowa Poja' should be the State anthem, rather than 'O Mor Aponar Dekh' written by Lakshminath Bezboruah. Several people and organisations staged protest against Zubeen's remark. Later the singer apologised for the remark.

Zubeen and Gun:

During a musical performance in Guwahati, the singer once threatened the audience not to leave the programme, otherwise, he would shoot them. He even showed a gun to the audience. "It is not fake, it's real. Don't go away or I'll shoot you," the singer had said during the programme. Later, the city police revealed that it was a toy gun.

Alsoduring a concert in Guwahati, the singer suddenly decided to climb a polesupporting the stage, bringing the show to an abrupt end.

Thereare many more countless controversies of Zubeen Garg. One can even say thatZubeen makes controversial remarks in almost every stage programmes.

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