10-month birthday wishes for baby girl & boy

10-month birthday wishes for baby girl & boy
10-month birthday wishes for baby girl & boy

Take this opportunity to commemorate the fun experiences you shared with your newborn daughter when she became ten months old. She has erred on occasion while learning to walk and talk. 

Her grin has the power to warm anyone's heart, though. Through the months she was terrified of last month, she has demonstrated with her endearing nature that this month she just cannot live without it.

 Enjoyable moments are still to come! Your adorable, content ten-month-old child Do we need more adorable baby smiles right now? View some lovely captions and quotes for her here.

As for your naughty Baby boys,  they are lovely beings that bring back memories of our tenderness and sweetness. Their smiles, giggles, and laughter melt our hearts so immensely.

Since you are here, I assume you have a son, nephew, or other lovely young boy in mind, and sure, you are in the correct spot. Babies grow up so quickly that sometimes we forget how many months old they are until they are one.

10-month birthday wishes for baby girl 

  1.  Baby girl, you are a beautiful dream come true! Happy 10-month birthday!

  2.  10 months old! You’re growing up so quickly. Happy 10 months, my love.

  3.  Our little dreamer, happy 10-month birthday, sweet girl.

  4.  Friends don’t let friends say happy 10th month! Happy 9 months, sweet girl! You’re one month shy of being 10 months old! Yay, you!

  5.  10 months of joy and sunshine, and 10 months of never-ending cuteness! Happy 10 months!

  6.  10 months have flown by already. This cutie pie makes me smile every day! Happy 10-month birthday!

  7.  What a precious baby girl you have. Congratulations! She is sure to grow up to be a beautiful woman.

  8.  The little bundle of joy is all smiles. Who’s a little angel? Happy 10 months!

  9.  We wonder who she looks like. Don’t you? Happy 10-month birthday!

  10. A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart till the day you die. Happy 10 months!

  11.  Every girl’s first love is her father. Happy 10-month birthday!

  12.  At 10 months, your baby can use their hands and eyes in coordination, such as pointing at an object. Happy 10 months, little one!

10-month birthday wishes for baby girl from mom

1. 10 months of life on earth, loved every second. Happy 10-month anniversary, little lady.

2. Happy 10 months to the sweetest girl in the world.

3. You are my biggest adventure. My daughter just turned 10 months, and these have been the best 10 months of my life.

4. Happy 10 months, pumpkin!

5. My little joy, ten months with you have been the best of my life.

6. Growing so fast! You’re such a sweet baby girl. Happy 10 months!

7. The first 10 months of your child’s life have been a constant struggle between sleep and wakefulness. Now that she is officially 10 months old, she may start napping less often. The perfect balance is essential for maintaining good health and a happy mood. Happy 10 months!

8. Looking forward to more fun and smiles as we celebrate our baby’s first birthday! Happy 10 months! #babygirl

9. At 10 months old, your baby is showing off her newfound crawling skills! Happy 10 months!

10. As you can see, she loves to pull out all the colors from my palettes and make a huge mess. That’s okay, I get to practice my cleaning-up skills. Happy 10 months!

11. Today was the best day of my life because I met you. Happy 10 months!

12. Imagine long-term growth, then work to make it happen. Happy 10 months, little one!

13. Your first smile, your first step, your first word. You were, after all, just a baby 10 months ago, and now you’re our whole world. Happy 10 months, baby girl!

14. Happy 10 months, baby girl!

10- Month Birthday Wishes for Your Baby Boy

1. Happy birthday, little man! May your day be filled with joy and wonder.

2. Wishing you a day of play and laughter!

3. Have a wonderful birthday, little one!

4. May your first birthday be as sweet as you!

5. A big happy birthday to a little guy with a big heart!

6. Sending you lots of love and hugs on your birthday!

7. Wishing you endless giggles and cuddles today!

8. Happy birthday, sweet boy! May you always shine bright.

9. May your special day be filled with magic and fun!

10. Happy birthday to our little bundle of joy!

11. Today is all about you, little one! Enjoy every moment.

12. Wishing you a day as delightful as your smile!

13. Happy birthday, little explorer!

14. Have a blast on your first birthday!

15. May your day be as incredible as you are!

16. Happy birthday, little star!

10- Month Birthday Wishes for Your Baby Boy from mom

1. Happy birthday, little one! May your day be full of smiles and fun!

2. Wishing you a day of adventure and laughter!

3. May your special day be as sweet as you are!

4. Happy birthday, little hero! May your heart be full of joy!

5. Wishing you a day as bright as your smile!

6. Happy birthday, little one! You’re our shining star!

7. Have a day of play and excitement!

8. Wishing you a day full of cuddles and kisses!

9. Happy birthday, little dreamer! May your day be magical!

10. May your birthday be full of fun and surprises!

11. Wishing you a day of love and adventure!

10-month birthday wishes for baby girl & boy
11-month birthday wishes for baby boy& girl

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