30 Adorable Nicknames for Your Crush

30 Adorable Nicknames for Your Crush
30 Adorable Nicknames for Your Crush

Whether they're starring in your dreams or popping up in every song you hear, there's no denying the crush you've developed. And now, you're eager to take things to the next level.

Whether you've been exchanging flirty banter from the start or started off as friends, bestowing a sweet and unique nickname upon your crush can deepen your connection. The perfect nickname depends on whether you prefer to keep things subtle or be more direct with your feelings. From "babe" to "angel," a simple nickname can subtly signal that you're interested in something more. Explore these 40 endearing names to call your crush and consider slipping one into your next text conversation.

Adorable Nicknames for Your Crush

1. Babe

2. Baby

3. Angel

4. Angel Face

5. Dear

6. Dove

7. Love

8. Lovey

9. Lovely

10. My Love

11. Mi Amor

12. Amorcito

13. Habibi

14. Ma Chérie

15. Beloved

16. Lovebug

17. Boo

18. Sugar

19. Sugar Boo

20. Sugar Lips

21. Cutie

22. Cutie Pie

23. Darling

24. Munchkin

25. Muffin

26. Pumpkin

27. Cupcake

28. Heart/My Heart

29. King/Queen/Royalty

30. Honey

30 Adorable Nicknames for Your Crush
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