Bank Holiday on Maha shivratri 2024: Closure in These States on Friday, March 8

Maha shivratri 2024: Banks will be closed in several states across India.
Bank Holiday on Maha shivratri 2024
Bank Holiday on Maha shivratri 2024

The Reserve Bank of India's holiday list indicates that banks will be closed for a total of 14 days in March 2024. During March, several states will witness two instances of three consecutive bank holidays, resulting in two extended holiday weekends.

These periods include Sundays, the second and fourth Saturdays, public holidays, and select regional holidays. Bank clients should stay informed about March's upcoming bank holiday dates to effectively plan their visits to bank branches.

March 2024 Bank Holidays:

Banks will be closed on the following occasions in March 2024: Chapchar Kut, Mahashivratri, Bihar Divas, Holi (Second Day) - Dhuleti/Dol Jatra/Dhulandi, Yaosang 2nd Day/Holi, Holi, and Good Friday.

Mahashivratri Bank Holiday:

On March 8th, Friday, banks will remain closed for Mahashivratri, followed by the second Saturday and Sunday.

Shivratri: States with Banks Closed for Long Weekend

Banks will be closed in the following states during Shivratri:

- Gujarat

- Maharashtra

- Karnataka

- Madhya Pradesh

- Odisha

- Chandigarh

- Uttarakhand

- Andhra Pradesh

- Telangana

- Jammu and Kashmir

- Kerala

- Uttar Pradesh

- Chhattisgarh

- Jharkhand

- Himachal Pradesh

Other Bank Holidays in March:

- March 26 (Tuesday): Yaosang 2nd Day/Holi - Banks will be closed in Orissa, Manipur, and Bihar.

- March 27 (Wednesday): Holi - Banks will be closed in Bihar.

- March 29 (Friday) - Banks will be closed in all states except Tripura, Assam, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir.


Is bank closed on 8 March 2024?


Bank holidays in March 2024, Are banks closed on Mahashivratri: Private as well as public banks across states will remain closed on March 8, Friday, on the occasion of Mahashivratri, as per the Reserve Bank of India holiday lis


Is bank closed on shivratri 2024?


Banks will be closed in several states across India on March 8 in observance of Mahashivratri. This means that it will be a three-day extended weekend for many people as the second Saturday and Sunday will follow March 8. Hindustan Times - your fastest source for breaking news!


What holiday is March 8 2024?


March 8, 2024: International Women's Day

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