Holi 2024: Embrace the Festival Based on Your Zodiac Signs

Uniting Hearts with Vibrant Hues"
Holi 2024: Embrace the Festival Based on Your Zodiac Signs
Holi 2024: Embrace the Festival Based on Your Zodiac Signs

Holi, known as the Festival of Colors, Love, and Spring, is celebrated across India and around the globe. This Hindu festival serves as a unifying force, bringing people together irrespective of their backgrounds, social statuses, and religious affiliations. It commemorates the enduring love between Radha and Krishna. Holi will be observed on Monday, March 25, with Holika Dahan or Choti Holi taking place on Sunday, March 24. Astrologer and Vastu consultant Hitendra Kumar shares auspicious colors tailored to each zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs

  • Aries:

Astrologer Hitendra Kumar Sharma advises those born under the sign of Aries to embrace vibrant red hues for their Holi festivities. Red, believed to hold auspicious significance for Aries, is associated with qualities of love and truth.

  • Taurus:

Individuals with the zodiac sign Taurus are encouraged to opt for purple and orange colors during Holi. Taurus, governed by Venus, is linked to traits such as security and stability. These colors symbolize growth, stability, and prosperity.

  • Gemini:

According to astrologer Hitendra Kumar, those with the zodiac sign Gemini should celebrate Holi with green colors, ideally surrounded by friends. Green, representing nature, aligns well with the characteristics of Mercury-ruled Gemini.

  • Cancer:

People born under the sign of Cancer are advised to choose blue colors for their Holi celebrations. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, blue is considered auspicious for them during this festival.

  • Leo:

For individuals with the zodiac sign Leo, playing Holi with orange colors is recommended. Leo, ruled by the Sun, finds orange to be an auspicious color for this festive occasion.

  • Virgo:

Virgos can partake in Holi festivities using yellow colors, as suggested by astrologer Hitendra Kumar. Governed by Mercury and representing the earth element, Virgos are advised to apply blue gulal to their sisters and aunts if possible.

  • Libra:

Those under the sign of Libra are advised to embrace blue and saffron colors while playing Holi. Ruled by Venus and representing the air element, this color combination is recommended for Libras during the festival.

  • Scorpio:

Scorpios have the freedom to choose any color for their Holi celebrations, as they are under the influence of Mars.

  • Sagittarius:

Sagittarians are recommended to incorporate yellow colors into their Holi celebrations, as Jupiter rules their sign and represents the fire element. Yellow is considered auspicious and brings divine blessings during this festive occasion.

  • Capricorn:

Capricorns are encouraged to play Holi with red, purple, and brown colors. Governed by Saturn and representing the earth element, these colors are deemed suitable for Capricorns during the festival.

  • Aquarius:

Those with the zodiac sign Aquarius are advised to opt for dark colors instead of light ones during Holi, as it is considered auspicious for them. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn.

  • Pisces:

Pisceans can celebrate Holi with green and pink colors, as suggested by their ruling planet, Jupiter.

Holi, an exuberant festival in India, signifies the victory of good over evil. With each zodiac sign having its unique approach to celebrating this auspicious occasion, it presents an opportunity to personalize your festivities accordingly.


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