Holi 2024: Sweet Treats and Refreshing Drinks to Serve Your Guests

Holiday 2024: With Holi 2024 on the horizon, Hindus worldwide are eagerly gearing up to immerse themselves in the vibrant celebrations of the Festival of Colors.
Holi 2024: Five Sweet Treats and Refreshing Drinks to Serve Your Guests
Holi 2024: Five Sweet Treats and Refreshing Drinks to Serve Your Guests

As Holi 2024 approaches, Hindus across the globe are eagerly preparing to revel in the exuberant festivities of the festival of colors. Rooted in tradition, this joyous occasion is synonymous with playful exchanges of vibrant hues, water fights with pistols and balloons, and the delightful consumption of an array of Indian sweets. Furthermore, Holi holds a special place for the consumption of bhang, a concoction believed to carry spiritual significance.

For those planning to host a Holi gathering this year, curating a menu that captures the essence of the celebration is essential. In addition to the customary splashing of colors and laughter-filled water battles, treating guests to a selection of delectable desserts and refreshing drinks will enhance the festive spirit.

Consider incorporating traditional Indian sweets such as gulab jamun, rasgulla, jalebi, and pedal to satisfy your guests' sweet cravings. These mouthwatering treats, rich in flavors and textures, are sure to evoke fond memories of past celebrations and add an authentic touch to your Holi feast.

To complement the sweetness of the desserts, offer a variety of refreshing drinks that will help guests beat the heat and stay hydrated throughout the festivities. Refreshing options like thandai, a chilled almond and saffron-infused milk beverage, or rose sherbet, a fragrant concoction made from rose syrup and chilled water, are popular choices that perfectly capture the essence of Holi.

 List of sweets and drinks that can be served on Holi 2024

  • Gujiya

Gujiya reigns as the quintessential sweet treat enjoyed during the Holi season. These delectable delights are crafted from deep-fried puff pastry dough, generously filled with a variety of tantalizing ingredients such as mawa, coconut, and suji. Known for their irresistible crispiness and delightful flavors, gujiyas are an indispensable addition to any Holi celebration, ensuring a festive experience brimming with culinary delight.

  • Malpua Rabri

Indulge in the timeless Indian dessert pairing of Malpua Rabri this Holi season. Malpuas, sweet pancakes fried to perfection and drenched in sugar syrup, complement the rich and creamy rabri, akin to condensed milk. Together, they create a heavenly fusion of flavors that promises to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your festive experience.

  • Rasmalai

Rasmalai, a delectable sweet delicacy, features soft, sponge-like balls crafted from milk and bathed in a luscious sauce brimming with rich flavors. Infused with the aromatic essence of saffron, this sweet treat is an essential addition to your Holi festivities, promising a burst of indulgent delight with every bite.

  • Thandai

Thandai reigns as the quintessential beverage served during Holi celebrations. This milk-based drink boasts a myriad of tantalizing flavors, enriched with a blend of nuts, seeds, and spices. An integral part of Holi festivities, this special concoction is a must-have, promising a refreshing and indulgent experience that perfectly complements the vibrant spirit of the festival.

  • Badam dudh 

Almond Milk, also known as Badam Doodh, serves as a refreshing beverage to delight your guests at your Holi gathering. The robust almond flavor of this drink adds a delightful twist, making it a delicious and invigorating choice for the festivities.

  • Jaljeera

As Holi arrives amidst the rising temperatures of the season, offering your guests something to cool them down becomes essential. Consider serving Jaljeera at your party for a refreshing twist. This spiced drink, available in both water-based and soda-infused variations, promises to invigorate and chill your guests to the core, adding a zesty touch to the festivities.

Additionally, for those seeking a more adventurous culinary experience, consider serving bhang-infused treats such as bhang lassi or bhang thandai. These traditional concoctions, made from cannabis leaves mixed with milk or yogurt, are believed to induce a mild euphoria and enhance the festive mood.

By curating a menu that showcases the diverse flavors and culinary traditions of Holi, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests, ensuring that your Holi celebration is filled with joy, laughter, and delicious indulgences.


Which special sweet is prepared on Holi?


While it is known as the festival of colours, the delicious Holi sweets are also famous. Many even have an emotional connection with Holi sweets, like grandma's special homemade Gujiyas.


Which of these sweets is traditionally eaten on Holi in Maharashtra?


Puran Poli. If we are discussing decadent Holi sweets and special foods, then Maharashtra's puran poli needs to be mentioned too. The simplicity of this traditional food item is what makes it distinct and how!


hat is the popular drink prepared during Holi festival?


This drink is synonymous with Holi and is made across India. Made with milk, thandai powder and some sugar, Thandai can be the ultimate life saviour when it comes to Holi. It is also quite beneficial for the whole body and improves gut health along with boosting immunity.

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